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The changing face of workplace learning...

It is evident  that the nature of organisational learning is changing. Increasingly, the L&D function is dealing with remote teams and even more varied and diverse development needs. Development is no longer seen as a series of 'one-off' events, rather, as a continuous journey that should be an integral part of normal work. New skills are required on a 'just-in-time' basis. The point at which the learner has a need to know how to do something, is the point at which they need the training on how to do it. 

Learning technology has a central role to play in rising to meet these new challenges. New tools enable eLearning developers to create fully immersive and engaging,  learning experiences. Advances in artificial intelligence, simulation software,  animation and 3D modelling has taken  eLearning to a new level. Augmented reality and the metaverse will bring even greater opportunities.
Profile Learning can help organisations understand these technologies, assist in building solutions that work, and create learning and development strategies fit for the 21st century.

eLearning design

Experience counts. Our developers have completed literally hundreds of successful eLearning courses across many different industry sectors an​d covering a wide range of  both technical and soft skills topics.
We believe eLearning should be  interactive, engaging with an element of fun!
We strive hard to deliver the very best learning experience that meets your needs and ensures the transfer of skills is effective.


We are pleased to announce that our new eLearning design courses will be launching next month!
Our FREE on-line short courses will cover a variety of topics aimed at both those new to instructional design and experienced designers seeking to broaden their skills.
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Developing the right LMS strategy

Our expertise can help you make the right choices

Not all Learning Management Systems are equal. And choosing the right one - one that meets your needs - can be tricky.
Whether you are designing a 'future-proof' learning and development system for your employees, or seeking to provide support to your customers, affiliates and partners, or just trying to sell your own expertise on-line, Profile Learning can help you analyse and prioritise your requirements and scan the market for a solution that will work for you.
...And we can help you through the implementation stages, ensuring that your investment in learning technology pays off.