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Training that makes a difference

Course Development & E-Learning

Experience counts. And when that’s backed up by a great technical design team, the results are impressive. We believe training should be focused on outcomes. It should be interactive and engaging. And we are not afraid to inject an element of fun to help make learning enjoyable. With a wide range of ‘off-the-shelf’ materials and access to expert technical subject matter consultants, we can design and tailor courses to meet your needs quickly and with minimum fuss.

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Providing learning where it’s required

Web and Mobile App Development

As the boundaries between formal and informal  learning become increasingly blurred, our experience in on-line documentation  and digital publication form the perfect complement to Profile Technologies’ expertise in mobile technology to create something truly unique.  So whether it’s access to tech docs and  e-learning for your field technicians or a comprehensive content management system across the company, Profile is your perfect partner.

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Making the Learning Organisation a reality

Collaborative Systems and Content Management

Learning and development in organisations is not just about training courses but rather an overall strategy encompassing access to information and knowledge across work teams and across the organisation as a whole.  Profile Learning are specialists in designing the overall information strategy for organisations – putting  knowledge in the hands of team members exactly when and where they need it.  Talk to us – you might be surprised what can be achieved!

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