Creating a downloadable Learning Journal in RISE

Having developed code that will download learner notes in Storyline, the next challenge was to do a similar thing in RISE. Obviously, this can be achieved by incorporating Storyline blocks within the RISE course. The challenge being that RISE Read more

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Using timers in RISE Courses

Gamification and ‘fun’ are key elements in building learner engagement within eLearning design. A simple device we often use to do this is to set an activity against the clock – giving the learner a prescribed amount of time Read more

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Creating a slider-based survey in Storyline with downloadable results

Articulate Storyline has a number of “survey” quiz questions including a Likert Scale button format:

These questions are treated like quiz questions and the responses the learner selects are sent to the LMS where they can be processed with Read more

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Creating downloadable learner notes from within an eLearning Module

We are often asked if it is possible to allow learners to make notes during an eLearning module and then to be able to download those notes, maybe as part of a more detailed handout at the end of Read more

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Living on a Cloud

I confess, like many IT professionals to being a sceptic. In my experience, most technological ‘breakthroughs’ whilst promising an easier, enhanced coexistence with technology somehow manage to make my life more complicated. The point could hardly have been better Read more

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Virtual Classroom Training is Boring

Virtual Classroom Training Series 1 March 2017

On the face of it, Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) is a no-brainer isn’t it? Training can be delivered in bite-sized chunks to anywhere across the globe. Learners can participate from their own Read more

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Gamification in E-Learning Design

The E-learning Design Series Part 1 April 2014

Gamification – The current buzz or just a buzzword?

Put a group of instructional designers together and start talking ‘gamification’ and, most likely, the conversation will swiftly migrate to serious games, Read more

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