Adding a Learning Journal or downloadable notes to a RISE course

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In this course, we look at how to implement a common requirement requested in RISE course design – how to allow learners to make their own notes during the course and then incorporate these notes into a downloadable handout or learning journal at the end of the course,

The method covered in this course uses;

  • Storyline blocks included within a RISE course
  • JavaScript code snippets attached to ‘Execute JavaScript’ triggers in Storyline
  • The use of JavaScript code libraries ‘pdf-lib’ and ‘tiny-save-as’
  • The use of local storage within the browser to retain variables for the course session

The course does not require knowledge of JavaScript coding as all code snippets are provided as downloads for use in this module – a detailed explanation of the code is available within the course for learners who would also like to extend their JavaScript skills.

Duration: 1 Hour

Format: eLearning module, pdf notes