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Good things come to those who wait, and we are sorry for the long wait - but here is the first of the new series of FREE technical courses that will help you get even more out of your Storyline course designs.  ALL our short courses are absolutely FREE!  You just need to register for a free Membership and you will have unrestricted access to these courses. If you like the courses, please share the links with others - AND if you really like them,  you can make a donation (see the link below)  to help us expand the range of topics and keep the site going.

Using JavaScript to extend Storyline capabilities

Storyline, has many features that allow it to be able to create complex learner interactions and build engaging and realistic simulations. However, there are instances where we need just that extra level of control or need to retrieve or pass information from sources external to Storyline. And this is where JavaScript comes in.
In this series of short courses, we will explain how to extend the capabilities of Storyline and help you build up the skills you need to include JavaScript snippets in your Storyline training.
No previous knowledge of JavaScript is required, as we will explain the JavaScript code as we go.  However, if your goal is to learn JavaScript programming from scratch, this probably isn't the course for you. Think of this as a 'practical' course showing you how to apply JavaScript in Storyline whilst building your knowledge of this powerful scripting language as you go..

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Coming soon! Advanced project workshops. Everything you need to create amazing interactions in Storyline and RISE...

In addition to the free stuff, we are also developing some workshops which are designed to give you everything you need to build something special in your Storyline or RISE projects. Whether it's a Learning Journal, or Activity Timers or simple customizable educational games, we have some great solutions. These workshops give you full step-by-step instructions to follow, downloadable templates and JavaScript code(if applicable) so you can tailor the tools to meet your specific needs.

Each of these workshops is available at a $25 one-off purchase fee - but they can save you days of effort!