Using timers in RISE Courses

Gamification and ‘fun’ are key elements in building learner engagement within eLearning design. A simple device we often use to do this is to set an activity against the clock – giving the learner a prescribed amount of time to complete a task, or seeing how fast they can solve a problem. It provides an added incentive for the learner, and, if we can then link that to some form of league table of fastest responses, then we can are introduce some of the core elements of gamification.

Of course, to do this, you need some kind of clock or timer. In fact timers are useful for all sorts of situations in instructional design. In this demo we show a couple of examples of the use of timers within a RISE course. The timers are provided using Storyline blocks – but it worthwhile noting that, in these examples, no JavaScript is used. That would have been an option – and later in this series we will demonstrate a real-time clock that does use JavaScript. But for now we will accomplish our task just using triggers and layers.

Click the link below to view the demo:

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